Standing Seam Systems

Commercial roofing materials and systems are constantly evolving as manufacturers seek to improve their products and replace outdated systems.


One of the modern systems we install are Standing Seam Systems, which are flexible and lightweight, which provide total weather protection by use of an advanced fixing method. Manufacturers offer a wide range of thicknesses, profiles, colours, coatings and finishes.


We are happy to advise you on what modern systems are available and which may be the best option for your project. There are many exciting developments in materials and technology, which can provide both greater energy efficiency and environmental integrity.

Composite Roof Panels

Composite Roof Panels are a cost effective ‘multi-layered’ roofing system, which includes the, insulation between the top and bottom sheet of the panel.


Ideal for most industrial and commercial projects, the composite panels provide a fast and economical solution that can be manufactured in a range of profiles, coatings and finishes.


Composite roofing provides an ideal solution for large areas of roof where complex shapes are not required. Being highly durable they offer significant structural integrity with uninterrupted insulation eliminating cold bridging. Most systems are available with a complementary range of rooflights, flashings and accessories.