High Quality Solutions • Exceptional Value • Long Term Benefits

CWS partners with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of roofing products, such as Langley, Bauder, Radmat (Esha), Soprema, IKO and Alumasc (Derbigum), in order to deliver maximum value and the lowest possible cost to our clients. We value long-term relationships and our goal is not to just complete one successful project for a client but build a relationship of trust and respect for the longer term. Our operational processes have a strong focus on maintaining consistency as well as always delivering high quality work and service to every client, every time.


We offer a wide range of high performance membranes from our partner manufacturers that offer excellent long-term benefits for our clients, along with being very cost effective. Their flexible design elements and exceptional structural integrity make their high performance membranes the right choice for a long list of applications in many different environments in both new construction projects and existing buildings in need of refurbishment.

Benefits of High Performance membranes:

  • Accommodating for Many Roof Types and Designs Including Flat Roofs, Barrel, Pitched, Vaulted, Low Pitched
  • Brown or Green Roofs
  • Inverted, Warm and Cold Roof Applications
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Resistant to All Weather Conditions
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Resistant to Long-Term Degradation
  • Durable and Designed to Maintain Long-Term Structural Integrity
  • Warranties of Up to 25 Years Available
  • Colour Choices to Match Other Design Elements of the Project


We have successfully completed many large commercial projects that required expert installation of high performance Membrane systems. With many years of experience, our operatives are trained in the latest advanced installation techniques. We understand how important it is to complete projects quickly, within budget and according to specifications. The high performance membranes we use assist in accomplishing all three of these goals, which is why many of our clients consider it their preferred solution across many different projects.


All of our recommended high performance   membrane roofing products come with a standard product warranty with an option of upgrading to a long-term warranty of up to twenty-five years for workmanship and product. In most cases, the lifespan of high performance membrane systems is in excess of thirty-five years, making them excellent value for many clients.