Small Roof Repairs • Roofing Maintenance • Full Installation and Replacement

CWS works with a number of clients to proactively maintain the integrity of their roofs through our programme of Regular Planned Maintenance. Within this we undertake a regular audit of your roof with the objective of identifying small problems which could become larger issues and assessing the condition and remaining life of each element of the roof fabric and system.


We provide a full assessment of the current condition of your roof supported by photographs and drawings where appropriate and review all of the potential benefits and costs involved. We then propose a documented maintenance schedule recommending the best the best long-term value enabling you plan and budget within your overall building maintenance programme.

Our Regular Planned Maintenance Programme ensures your existing warranty remains valid as most modern systems require an annual check to do so. At CWS we work with all the major manufacturers and ensure that all works are carried out to their guidelines meaning you don’t have to worry about either the quality of the work undertaken, or that it has been completed to the standards and methods required to maintain your warranty.


We provide our Regular Planned Maintenance Programme for clients with a wide range of roofing and waterproofing projects and are happy to advise you on the best options for your organisation. If