Experienced Operatives • Efficient Installation Process • Commercial Grade Quality

CWS is an approved installer for multiple liquid membrane manufacturers including Triflex, Kemper System, Langley, Bauder and Westwood Liquids. We offer our clients several choices of liquid membranes, depending on their preferences and the requirements of the project. We only use high-quality systems that offer excellent long-term durability and results that have been proven over time.


The systems can be applied to roofing, roof cladding, balconies and various types of walkways, along with a long list of other environments as well. Liquid membranes provide a powerful waterproofing solution and offer a wide range of flexibility in how and where it can be applied. It can even be used for very detailed or congested environments with relative ease.

Bauder • Westwood • Triflex • Kemper • Langley

CWS understands that every hour your business or building is not operational it adds cost. This is why we only use high-quality liquid membranes that allow for expedited installation times and have a quick curing process. This ensures your business or building experiences have a minimal amount of disruption and customer access is restricted for a very limited time.

Our operatives have years of experience in working with liquid membranes on new projects and refurbishment projects. We take great pride in our installation process and have implemented protocols to ensure quality, consistency and precision on each and every project.

The manufacturers’ warranty periods typically range from five to twenty years depending on the specific liquid membranes you select and the exact specifications for the application. We offer a variety of standard colours to suit your aesthetic requirements or, via special order, can match any BS or RAL colour.

Our goal is always 100% client satisfaction and we strive to continually deliver exceptional value and quality work on every project.