High-Quality Waterproofing Solutions Customised to Fit the Individual Needs of Your Organisation

Single Ply waterproofing systems are the preferred solution for many new construction and refurbishment projects because they offer a combination of benefits that help reduce costs and decrease project completion times. The membranes are made with a high percentage of synthetic polymer which offers strength, durability and keeps the weight relatively low.


Benefits of Single Ply Membrane Systems:

  • Flexibility Allows for Easy Custom Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective against Other Roofing Options
  • 50 Year Life Span
  • Suitable for New Build and Refurbishment Projects
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Warranties of 10-25 Years Available
  • Quick Installation Process
  • Energy Star Certified


Single ply systems can be installed in a variety of ways and work well with both new construction projects as well as existing buildings that require refurbishment.


CWS is a leading installer of single ply membrane systems and are fully licensed and recognised as a professional installer by leading single ply waterproofing manufacturers.

Soprema • Bauder • IKO Polymers • Trocal • Flex-R • Resitrix

Our manufacturers systems come with standard warranties that are typically twenty years in length with extended terms of up to twenty-five years available. Additionally, most systems are Energy Star certified and provide improved energy efficiency by shielding the effects of the outside environment and maintaining a consistent environment inside.


We work with the absolute best manufacturers in the industry and only use the highest quality products that provide the greatest long-term benefits for our clients