Experienced Roofing & Waterproofing Refurbishment Specialists

Refurbishing an existing roof is an important part of ensuring a building remains in good condition, maintains energy efficiency and protects several aspects of structural integrity. When recurring issues begin to happen with an existing roof, then it may be time to consider either replacement or partial refurbishment depending on the severity of the problems.

Partial Roof Refurbishment • Full Installation and Replacement • Roofing Maintenance

CWS specialises in roofing assessment, roof repair and partial or full roof refurbishment. We can provide a full assessment of the current condition of your roof and review all of the potential benefits and costs involved. Our operating principles mandate that we provide complete and detailed information for all the options available, allowing you to decide which option provides you with the best long-term value.

Our expertise in offering high-quality roofing options has been gained through many years of experience, completing numerous commercial roofing projects across the UK.

Roofing Refurbishment Services:

  • Improvement of Falls and Drainage
  • Installation of Solar Panel Systems
  • Brown & Green Roofing Projects for Environmental Benefits
  • Roofing Improvements Including Access and Handrails
  • U Value Insulation Improvement to current building regulations
  • Full Replacement and Maintenance
  • Inspections and Surveys