Green & Brown Roofing Design, Installation and Maintenance Specialists

Green and Brown roofing is often referred to as living roofs and they have become much more popular in recent years. Many now consider them a viable commercial roofing option that not only provides the required functionality of roofing but also offers environmental benefits. Green roofs come in a variety of types that are designed to improve the visual appearance of a building or particular area of a building and they are often used as a feature on terraces, podiums or similar environments. Brown roofs typically have a less complicated structure and offer a wide range of environmental benefits that serve the community and wildlife.

Green Roofs

Green Roofs are typically used for many types of commercial buildings on substrates such as podiums, large terraces and areas that need waterproofing. They effectively seal and waterproof commercial spaces while also adding a unique visual appearance providing significant environmental benefits. These roofing systems are very efficient in maintaining consistent temperature levels inside while also acting as a shield against effects from the sun or other weather elements. Additionally they have excellent water retention capabilities that range anywhere from 40% up to a maximum of 95% retention based on the exact style and application used.


Green Roof Benefits:

  • Maintains consistent interior temperatures
  • Shields the building or area from the sun and other weather elements
  • Water retention between 40%-95%
  • Thick vegetation provides sound absorption
  • Provides natural environmental benefits for plants and wildlife
  • Environmental impact grows along with the roof over time
  • Can aid planning applications


Green Roof Systems:

  • Extensive Green Roofs – Lightweight Sedum – >50% Water Retention Capacity
  • Nature Roofs – Constructed with sedum, various grasses and herbs-Water Retention Capacity of up to 80%
  • Intensive Green Roofs – Landscape Garden Designs – Constructed using perennials, plants and vegetation-Water Retention Capacity of up to 95%


These roofing solutions require maintenance visits on an annual basis that vary depending on the type of green roof you choose. Lightweight Sedum typically requires 1-2 maintenance visits each year and Landscape Garden Designs require the same maintenance as a natural garden.

Brown Roofs

Brown Roofs are constructed from local materials that include recycled concrete, clay soil, and various types of local vegetation, recycled bricks and many others.


These roofing solutions offer similar benefits  to green roofs in terms of shielding a building from the sun and weather elements as well as maintaining a consistent interior environment. They are typically designed to flourish through a natural self-seeding process provided by local vegetation, which promotes a stable natural environment for wildlife and plants uninterrupted by human elements and helps to control the construction footprint. A significant advantage of these roofing solutions is they do not require maintenance.