Car Park Decks • Refurbishment • Multi-Story • Underground • Ramps • Entrances and Exits

Due to high usage exposure and wear, Car Park refurbishment is a highly specialised service and CWS offers the complete package.


With our advanced systems and wide range of materials, we are able to waterproof, surface and protect any car park of any size.

Multi-storey car parks are an essential part of modern city life and car park owners and operators increasingly realise that they must be clean, safe and welcoming in order to attract and retain their custom wherever they have a choice of where to park. Water ingress through the decks, often leads to unsightly damp, cracked, spalling concrete, slippery floors with damaging alkaline salts dripping onto the car paintwork leading to expensive claims.
As a consequence the importance of providing a reliable deck waterproofing and wearing surface on multi-storey car parks has also been recognised and greatly increased in importance over recent years.


As an independent contractor, approved by the leading liquid waterproofing manufacturers, we are able to select from a wide range of products, offering our clients the most appropriate solutions. Not only do the liquid waterproofing systems we install make your car parking facility safer and enhance it visually, but more importantly, they protect and waterproof the concrete and metal structures helping to maximise the car park’s life span.